About Eminence Organic Skin Care


At Eminence Organic Skin Care, our mission is to enhance your well-being naturally – and that also means that we believe in providing education about the benefits of living organically. In addition, we seek opportunities to give back organically, too. This commitment led us to create the Eminence Kids Foundation. We believe that providing organic, locally sourced and nutrient-rich foods to seriously ill children is essential for the healing process. Since 2013, Eminence Organic Skin Care has been donating a portion of the proceeds from every Eminence Organics product sold towards the Eminence Kids Foundation’s important mission.

It’s an unfortunate fact that a loved one’s sickness results in costly medical expenses. Family members usually resign their paying jobs to act as the caretaker. This combination of events means that the family falls upon extreme financial difficulty, in already emotionally challenging situation. It’s no surprise that families in this position feel overwhelmed. Then, the Eminence Kids Foundation steps in, providing organic and locally sourced foods at no cost to alleviate financial burden while providing healing and nutritious food.

For families struggling with pediatric illness, our Foundation provides vital help at an extremely stressful and trying time. Through our initiatives, we have provided over 45,000 organic meals throughout the United States, Canada and Hungary at no additional cost to the facility, family or child. To see these brave children and their families smile in gratitude for the organic nutrition we provide inspires every team-member at Eminence Organics to support the Foundation with both time and energy.

Soup Night

One of our most popular volunteer events is our annual Eminence Kids “Soup Night” where many of our employees have prepared hundreds of liters of organic soup for the Foundation’s deliveries. Under the guidance of award-winning chefs, we transform organic ingredients into hundreds of servings of soup to distribute to children in need and their families. This is a wonderful way to bring people together in the service of a good cause, and is a feel-good night for all who participate.

A Personal Origin

For Eminence Organics’ President, Boldijarre Koronczay, this calling has a personal origin. Boldijarre was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood leukemia and given less than 0.1% chance of survival. While undergoing treatment, Boldijarre’s mother and grandmother fed him natural, organic and Biodynamic® foods. Miraculously, Boldijarre survived. This holistic care left a lasting impression on Boldijarre, who believes strongly in nourishing the body both inside and out to achieve total health and wellness. By providing organic fruits and vegetables to sick children, Boldijarre continues the family tradition with care and humor – personally visiting many of the Eminence Kids Foundation locations with teddy bears and jokes to bring smiles to children and their families.

Each week, the Eminence Kids Foundation serves hundreds of organic meals around the world with no sign of slowing down. This initiative is a great source of pride for over 300 team-members at Eminence Organic Skin Care. The help we are able to provide to so many in need means that we can share our mission to enhance your well-being naturally and fulfill our promise to deliver happiness and extraordinary service.. A portion of the proceeds from every Eminence Organic Skin Care product sold supports the Eminence Kids Foundation.

Forests for the Future

In addition to supporting the Eminence Kids Foundation, Eminence Organics is deeply committed to protecting the future of our planet through green practices and the award-winning Forests for the Future program – Eminence Organic Skin Care plants a tree for every product sold. Since the inception of Eminence Organic Skin Care in 1958, we have been using sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic and Biodynamic® products.

An Invitation to Learn More

To learn more about Eminence Organic Skin Care, the ingredients, the Green Spa Program, awards, certifications and memberships, as well as the many celebrities and spas around the world who share their adoration for organic products, we welcome you to visit eminenceorganics.com.